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Multilingual & International Recruitment Agency

Many countries have exponentially grown in recent years, with expatriates looking for career opportunities. Many of these expatriates bring diverse values wherever they go and blending in with the language and culture. Having an international recruitment agency that focuses on finding diverse local and international talents creates significant benefits for your organization. Pro Selection is a multilingual recruitment agency in The Netherlands which serves as our headquarter bridging talents across the EMEA markets and a beacon for international relations.

More multinational companies emerge daily within Europe, The Middle East, and Africa as these markets possess much potential and opportunities and want to establish their brand and strong presence. Our focus in this region enables us to help all size of companies achieve their goals. We have an expanding team of multinationals that speak some of the most dominant languages in the region, including Arabic, English, Spanish, and Dutch.

Pro Selection as a multilingual & international recruitment agency, we dedicate our expertise in searching and attracting the professional talents you require through various channels. We specialize in Legal, HR, IT, and Hospitality industries and guarantee your satisfaction with our services.


Our Positions

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Why Choose Pro Selection?

Our 10-Step Recruitment Process

What sets us apart from other agencies is our efficient 10-step recruitment process, which leads to successfully filling the roles with the most trusted, qualified, and talented people. Our recruitment process ensures the quality of your recruitment needs and allows us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Fast Placements

We understand clients who suddenly have a critical position need filling. Pro Selection has an International CV database with prescreened and interviewed candidates ready to start their new journey. These candidates go as fast as they come, but our team of experienced international consultants are also prepared to attend your needs and source new candidates at a moment's notice.

Technology, Practice, and Consultation

We work with the latest technology platforms to source candidates, assess them, and efficiently communicate with talents and clients. As a staff recruitment agency in The Netherlands, we always stay on top of the latest international practices and changes to consult on realistic expectations.