The hague at dusk

Pro Selection is a recruitment agency specialized in linking employers and professionals who thrive to grow in their fields. Our goal is to help our customers find the best multilingual candidate(s) who speaks Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, and English bridging between Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

​We thrive on giving our clients the highest quality service within our field. We go through a rigorous process to evaluate the candidates with carefully prepared assessments and select the candidates with the right skills, personality, and leadership attributes that are the best fit for our clients.

Our office is in The Hague, The Netherlands, which is currently a headquarter and platform for many global companies focusing on Europe, the Middle East, Africa. We help diverse and globally established companies to find top candidates with the language requirements from these locations.

Description Of Our Process

1.    Meeting the client: Understanding the client’s business and culture through a conference call, video call, or in-person meeting.

2.    Position requirements: Together with the client we will determine the position title, duties, and requirements for the successful candidate. In addition, we will agree to a project timescale and milestones and comply with it throughout the recruitment process.

3.    Discussing critical questions for candidate assessment: Together with the client, we will make sure we have the right questions for assessing the candidate’s skills, education, experience,personality, and attitude for the position.

4.    Sourcing through multiple channels: We will search for the candidates by searching through our CV data bank, posting the job on various channels and social networks.

5.    Shortlisting candidates: We will assess the group of candidates based on their skills, experience, creativity, and personality. After that, create a shortlist of candidates for the interviewing stage.

6.    Preliminary & In-depth interview stage: We will conduct a phone interview and will conduct after that an in-depth interview in person or on video call for candidates outside the country.

7.    Introducing the best candidate list to the client: The successful candidates shall move forward to meeting the client. Pro Select shares all details acquired from the in-depth interviews with the client.

8.    Interview conducted by the client stage: The client, at this stage, interviews the shortlisted candidates and assesses the candidates to the company’s standard and requirements.

9.    Selection of candidate: Once the client selects the candidate(s) and sends a letter of selection to us, we will proceed with the reference, education and credentials check on the candidate.

10. Offer Management: At this stage we can handle the offer drafting or receive the employment offer from the client as desired and submit it to the candidate for signature.