Is your CV A.T.S. Compliant?

09 March 2020

By Orson Oduber

Is your CV A.T.S. Compliant?

What is ATS?

Whether you’re applying with your CV directly to the employer’s job portals or through recruitment agencies, your CV will go through ATS (Applicant Tracking System). ATS will check your CV relevancy to the position posted or future jobs. The system will either shortlist you as a candidate or filter your CV out if it’s not relevant or not an ATS compliant CV.


What is an ATS compliant CV?

An ATS compliant CV does not contain any images, icons, or logos in it. An ATS compliant CV should have a structure in an ATS friendly format containing your details, achievements, experiences, soft & hard skills, and academics in text. When applying for a position, only 2% of applicant CVs pass the ATS screening process, which is also the initial stage.


How to write an ATS compliant CV?


·       CV Writing Guide:

There are many CV writing guides available online. You can easily find these by a good search engine search. These platforms are already programmed on where to fill what information to keep a good CV visual for ATS. All you need to make sure you have well written is the content you’re placing in the indicated location. The rest is up to ATS to determine CV relevancy.


·       Professional CV Writer:

If you’re not sure about your writing skills. It’s ok; you’re not alone. There are many great CV writers that’ll describe the best version of you for recruiters to see. The writers will look over your older CV’s and ask you a series of questions about your background. Once they grasp all the details, they will write a CV that will rank you high in ATS and catch the attention of the recruiter and hiring manager.

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