Modern Job Hunting

12 March 2020

By Orson Oduber

Modern Job Hunting

We all have our reasons why we are applying for new jobs. Whether you are testing your value in the market, looking for a challenge/higher income, or wanting to rejoin the working population. Making sure you look entirely polished is critical for your success.

CV & Cover Letter

Start by looking at your CV and Cover Letter/Motivation Letter. These documents are the most crucial documents to getting your foot inside the door. The information needs to highlight the most recent experiences and achievements.


LinkedIn Profile

Now that you have your most important documents up to date, it’s time to look at the most crucial job-hunting tool, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is your public profile, where your information is always available for anyone in the world to see. Yes, this includes recruiters. The information that’s on your LinkedIn needs to be well-coordinated with the information on your application documents.

Background Check

When recruiters receive your documents, they will most certainly vet your background by comparing your application documents with your LinkedIn profile, look at visible recommendations, test your knowledge by looking at articles you have posted, and see the people you have interacted with who matches your industry specialization.

Recruiter Efficiency

Many recruitment software is now well integrated with LinkedIn. Not only does this help make applying for jobs a lot easier, but it also makes recruiters have a direct comparison with your documents without the manual effort. As a result, recruiters can proceed with the candidate through the recruitment process more efficiently.

Pro Selection wishes all job hunters success on their hunt.

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