The Top Demanded IT Positions of 2020

10 March 2020

By Orson Oduber

The Top Demanded IT Positions of 2020

Companies are doing whatever they can to attract top tech talent as the demand for specific job opportunities in IT have increased. The positions range from Data-Focused to security-related roles. We have added what skills these roles exactly require for the candidates' successful consideration.


There are many factors to consider that will impact a company's starting salary, like; location, corporate culture, budgets, and lastly, the high competition. However, there are certain factors to focus on that will make sure you land the talent you want. Most of it has to do with growth opportunities, salary, benefits, and allow the talent the chance to raise his/her ideas forward.


Cloud Architect

Cloud Architects manage a company's cloud computing strategy and are primarily responsible for managing, deploying, and supporting cloud applications. It's quite common for cloud architects to have a strong understanding of multiple operating systems, also programming & security, and networking skills.


Companies seek cloud architects with the sharpest knowledge in Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, also experience with ITSM, I&O, automation, governance, and vendor management.


AI Architect

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increased in the commonplace in businesses, and the consumer's lives. There's a projected increase in the demand for the coming years to come. Companies are currently on the hunt for skilled workers due to the high demand for AI-enabled products and services.


Companies have highlighted their search for candidates with knowledge of machine learning, strategic thinking, time management, AI integration, natural language processing, change management, and AI application programming. A hiring manager looks to hire AI Architects who understand the technical concepts and yet also possess the communications skills to engage with the leader board.


Business Intelligence Analyst (BIA)

By many companies, data analysis is the way forward for them. As such, BIAs require to have experience in analytics, reporting tools, and database technology. Companies seek to hire candidates who possess a bachelor to master academic with a discipline in information system engineering, or computer science. The skills recruiters for these roles typically look for are; Online analytical processing, Data cube technology, experience with database queries, stored procedure writing, and solid written and verbal skills.


Developer (Web, Software, Mobile)

Web, software, and mobile developers are responsible for developing, designing, testing, installing, and maintaining the software systems. For this job, here's a high level of coding, design, and application development. It's required for such a developer to possess high tuned skills in multiple programming languages such as C#, HTML, Java, Microsoft .NET, C++, and SQL Server.

There's a high focus that goes into the requirements of the clients, and as such, the developer must possess consultation skills to recommend the right solutions for improving software, web, and mobile applications to ensure they meet the client's requirements.

Developers are usually required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Those who do not possess such a degree, an associate degree with a high amount of experience, and certifications in the required languages are deemed acceptable. The developer is required to have a great set of communication skills and to be quite analytical and have sharp technical skills.

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