Top 5 Most Demanded Legal Positions

11 March 2020

By Fatima Al Sakkaf

Top 5 Most Demanded Legal Positions

Lawyers need to be experts in their field to take on the ocean of legal challenges that awaits them. As an aspiring lawyer, the question of "where do I start?" must have been on your mind.

There are many options to consider before embarking on your legal journey. We are listing the legal fields, which can lead you to gain exceptional experience and lucrative rewards. Below are five promising options for your consideration.

Complex Litigation

The area of Complex Litigation requires a significant amount of patience along with a sharp eye for details and razor-fast response formulation to win your legal arguments. The field is considered a lucrative career path due to the high stakes, corporate lawsuits, and many motions filed in court. Many of the cases are likely to last a good while, which is why the payoffs are quite high. If this field sounds interesting to you, you have a strong backbone, and you enjoy a lucrative payoff, then this field is for you. 

Corporate Law

In this field, you'll handle many business affairs. The range of tasks expected in this field are things like legal contracts, liabilities analysis, and compliance. This practice is not only for lawyers but also for in-house legal consultants for companies. Lawyers who specialize in this field help businesses commence their operations with the initial required documents or navigate the companies through challenging legal hurdles like deal negotiations, mergers & acquisitions, contracts drafting, and corporate legal advice. 


Blockchain companies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and other alt-coins are growing substantially popular. Attorneys with knowledge of the field are increasing in demand. The area is still relatively new, so getting in the field during the young age of Blockchain is bound to have growth opportunities while the companies are gaining momentum. 

Tax Law

Tax Law, as a legal field, goes well when combined with a quantitive background due to the complexity and always evolving of the practice, which makes it very exciting to many newcomers. However, tax attorneys tend to work closely with accountants to give a complete solution for the client's needs. Tax attorneys help guide people through many audits by the local tax authority, they help set up companies and their tax structure, and they also help with estate planning. The field is considered quite lucrative in financial compensation, but it also has high requirements academically. 

Intellectual Property

We are currently in rapid growth in terms of the internet and technology. Intellectual Property (IP) is, therefore, growing ever more in demand due to its importance. You will focus on trademarks, copyrights, patents, and provide advice in terms of registration, strategy, protection from infringement more. As a lawyer, you will focus on protecting intellectual property from infringement. For lawyers aspiring to specialize in intellectual property, there's a high demand or background and academics in a scientific discipline.

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