​After Effects of COVID-19

05 April 2020

By Orson Oduber

​After Effects of COVID-19

The thought of what is going to happen after COVID-19 must have crossed your mind. We are currently looking out for our best interest and keeping as safe as we possibly can while we ride out this storm. 


While this may all appear as bad news, there's a bigger picture to look forward to as all storms eventually pass and make way to rebuild what was lost and broken. During this process, many opportunities will present themselves and are up for grabs. In this blog, we share our point of view on the upcoming changes and the things we can do before that time comes. 

Restarting companies and the finances

Governments are going to push their countries in restarting the economy. Many public and private trade deals will present themselves. In effect, public and private companies need to hire new teams in closing sales deals and to support the company's operations. Recruitment departments and agencies will need to fill many positions. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made way for research and studies of what a modern workplace could look like moving forward. 


As many people were assigned to work from home, this created a perfect opportunity to test the theory and put it in practice. As a result, many companies concluded that many positions do not require physical presence and could be financially beneficial for companies to continue this practice. Some of the benefits from this include smaller office space requirements, more time spent with family, fewer traffic congestions caused by commuters, which leads to reduced CO2 emissions.


What to do in the meanwhile?

While we are still riding out this pandemic, it's most advised maintaining skills sharpened. It is a perfect time to consider going back to school (online), attend online courses to acquire certifications. Recruitment priority is given to people who possess the highest skills to join the workforce. Keep in mind that the highly skilled have a higher chance of obtaining an attractive salary.


Consider networking through LinkedIn and make meaningful connections who could be your way into your next employment opportunity. As most people are currently working from home, they're more likely to respond to connection requests and willing to engage in a conversation with you.

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