Orson Oduber

Orson Oduber

Managing Director

Orson is a Dutch national and has over 14 years of experience from diverse industries. He is a polyglot communicator and negotiator with global expertise. Orson graduated from a Business Management discipline with honors, is a certified tech recruiter, and has multiple Harvard University Certifications.

On his journeys, he acquired significant recruitment expertise working for an outsourcing company serving the hospitality industry. In addition to recruitment, he launched many global tech projects. In his last assignment, based in Dubai, he contributed and launched mega projects working in partnership with Emaar Entertainment, Dubai World Trade Centre, HTC Vive, and Apple.

Orson's plans for Pro Selection is to create a strong presence in The Netherlands and quickly expand to the rest of the EMEA serving the local and international enterprises. As many more international companies establish their presence in the EMEA markets, being an experienced, multinational company having multilingual talents and market knowledge, ensures a more efficient talent acquisition for our clients.

He is leading Pro Selection in a more digital environment, working with up-to-date technology and adapting to market changes and needs quickly.