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The HR department is vastly responsible for a company’s success, which is why it’s considered the beating heart of the organization. Every member of that team importantly contributes to the functionality of that heart and is widespread to other departments ensuring their functionality. A misalignment in the team can be devastating and cause a domino effect. By carefully selecting the right team members, you ensure the continuous functionality of the company. Selection is what we do!

Pro Selection is a human resources recruitment firm searching and selecting the most extraordinary talents in the EMEA. The human resources industry is an enormous industry with many subsets varying widely from company to company. Partnering with an HR staffing agency who understands the requirements and demands is imperative. With Pro Selection, your unique requirements are fulfilled to the highest class, guaranteeing the desired outcome.

Why Partnering with Pro Selection as your HR recruitment agency?

Industry Expertise

The field of HR comes with its challenges requiring consistent strategic inputs, assessing the company’s continuous performance, identifying areas of opportunity, recruiting & onboarding talents, partnering with 3rd party companies where necessary, and more. Having an HR recruitment agency who understands the complexity of the field is your best bet in finding qualified HR talent.


During our intake conversation with your hiring team, we ensure to gain the full picture of the uniqueness of your company and its history. The story of your company’s success is how we make sure we target the right crowd and get the applicants who are passionate about your goals.


From Pro Selection as a human resources recruitment firm compared to others, you can expect reliable commitment until successfully filling the role. We share with you a clear and realistic action plan and maintain open communication.

Fast Placement & Quality Assurance

We are up to date with the latest practice and technology to attract, source, assess, and interview candidates. With our international database of prescreened applicants, you can expect fast placement for your available roles. Pro Selection’s quality assurance is due to the 10 step recruitment process guaranteeing to fill the position.