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New tech emerges at a rapid rate and makes the IT field quite diverse, which also leads to the challenges of finding the right talents. With the growing demand, the need for an IT recruitment company as your partner arises. Sometimes you may feel misunderstood or treated quite static by other agencies. Partnering up with Pro Selection, we guarantee you the experience you deserve. Our IT recruitment consultants are techies themselves and share a passion for new and more developed technologies.

Our IT recruitment consultants focus on the area of Front End, Back End, and DevOps engineering. The second part, we recruit for is IT support staff. As a third, we recruit sales talent for the specialties. We aim to expand our specialty reach to accommodate your needs further.

Best of all Pro Selection is an International IT recruitment agency focused on the territories of the EMEA. Partnering with us means you get the services across the region and securing yourself diverse talent with multilingual capabilities.

Why Choose Pro Selection as Your IT Recruitment Company?


Our intake conversations with the hiring manager aim to understand your company, the goals (past & present) thoroughly, and acquire an accurate understanding of the expectation from the talent.


As opposed to another IT recruitment agency, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We set clear expectations and maintain open communication until we successfully find the candidate(s) fitting your needs.

Fast Placement & Quality Assurance

Partnering up with Pro Selection, our IT recruitment services include a pool of prescreened international talent database, a team of competent IT recruitment specialists with experience working within the tech industry. Best of all, there’s no task we can’t complete. The talents we supply guarantee filling the role and execute their duties.

Long-Term Relationship

Pro Selection evaluates its success by building long-term relationships. Every client returning to us for our services is a success point. We continually assess our performance and adjust where necessary. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.