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Pro Selection International Hospitality Recruitment Agency

The Hospitality Industry continuously demands the most passionate service-providing talents. The success of the industry is measured by the level of satisfaction of the guests and consumers. What makes a company in this industry successful is because of the people providing the services. Having the right people who are passionate about your success is what Pro Selection provides.

As an International hospitality recruitment agency, we create a bespoke solution in finding the right talents for your Restaurant, Hotel, Entertainment, and Recreation establishment. Great establishments are filled with memorable stories, and the most exceptional talents in this industry have the best stories to tell. Our hospitality recruitment consultants will find you the professionals to tell the most amazing stories of your establishment.

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Your Uniqueness

We are a partner of choice for many companies within the EMEA. We aim to understand every business in what sets them apart from others. By understanding what makes you unique, we create a tailored solution for your enterprise. The best part, the more unique you are, the more we attract the right talents aligned with your beliefs.

Fast Placement & Quality Assurance

When partnering with us, you can rest assured our hospitality recruitment consultants know where to find a pool of extraordinary talents. We have an international database with prescreened and qualified candidates. We source through various online and offline channels. We draft your unique job description, which attracts a pool of fantastic candidates. The best part, we are proud to say that we guarantee you the right placement for your company.


Pro Selection values creating long-lasting relationships with our partners. We understand recruitment & onboarding bears its financial burdens, which is why we aim to make it as efficient as possible using the latest technology, recruitment process, and continuously train our team to meet the demands of the market.